Boeung Trabek Plaza
Our History & Heritage

Local, Digital, Sustainable

Boeung Trabek Commune

Boeung Trabek Plaza (Khmer: ផ្សារបឹងត្របែកផ្លាហ្សា, "Boeung Trabek Plaza", Chinese: 万达密商场) opened its doors to the public in 2011 in a grand-opening officiated by the Kingdom's Minister of Commerce, ushering in a new era for the young commune located only 5 minutes from the mature Boeung Keng Kang district of Phnom Penh.

Boeung Trabek Plaza Today

Celebrating its first decade in business in 2021, Boeung Trabek Plaza has been seen on CNN and continues to be filmed regularly by Internet-based food & culture channels having earned an enduring reputation as a pioneering private sector business, a grocery-anchored retail property lifting up the entrepreneurial dreams of Women-owned small and medium-sized enterprises (WSME) in the community.

Entrepreneurial Heritage

Known by the community's earliest residents more than 20 years ago, hundreds of predominantly women vendors carried on trade and commerce outside Toul Tompoung Market. Local authorities relocated the vendors in 2008 atop a sprawling 12,000 square metres plot opposite the future site of Boeung Trabek Plaza. The "New Boeung Trabek Market" as it was known locally, closed permanently as vendors began leasing stalls on the grounds of Boeung Trabek Plaza in 2014, reinvigorating traditional market-inspired retail for the entrepreneurial ambitions of our next generation.

Socially Inclusive Economic Growth

Harnessing private sector investment funds to develop retail infrastructure for lease, we seek to keep local food systems strong by enabling families to buy nutritious Khmer produce like fresh fish, fruits & vegetables, often at the most affordable prices in Phnom Penh due to efficient and competitive trading and distribution systems built over time within the community. Equally important, our vital role in food security within Phnom Penh and income resilience for farmers all across Cambodia enables us to help lead health and hygiene standards higher by our example.

Supporting Strong Khmer Enterprises

Khmer-owned and independently operated, Boeung Trabek Plaza places environmental and social well-being at the core of its real estate development activities. Conceived as a retail mall within a mixed-used residential development comprising hundreds of shophouses and apartment blocks surrounding the Plaza, with aspirational planning for an integrated hotel/condominium underway, Boeung Trabek Plaza is a valuable asset well-positioned for long-term returns as Phnom Penh's population of middle-income dwellers continues to grow. Today, experienced property management teams envision a future that will be local, digital and sustainable as it continues to drive long-term economic returns for collaborators, the tenant community, employees and shareholders.